And she steps out of the shadows…

February 23, 2011 at 9:36 pm Leave a comment

If any of you good folks are still stopping by…I just wanted to say, The Freedom Outlaw is about to ride again.

Here. Under my real name. And a new blog name, Keeps Dropping Keys.

As some of you know, “Taran Jordan” was my chosen nom de plume, which I used as my publicly known name here on The Freedom Outlaw. It was a rush, to write as if I were another, to feel so free and unencumbered, so able to say what I thought without self-censoring.

But — I’m sure you see it too — the world has gone so much crazier in a few short years than I could have imagined. And the things I had to say a few years ago are things that a whole lot of people have come to be thinking themselves. None of it sounds so far-out anymore. And there’s more I can say now, to keep the conversations happening, the understanding growing.

As well, I’ve  built a body of writing as my “everyday” self, but I want people (both readers and potential clients) to know that there’s more to my work. So it’s time, past time, to own my work completely. As Uncle Warren always says, “Refuse to be afraid.”

(Holy moly! I just dropped by his blog to copy that link, and found that he did a few months ago what I just today decided to do: he’s “come out” as his real, meatspace, lovable self! That is freaking EERIE! I LOVE it! And I salute you, Warren Bluhm, for your courage.)

I really liked being Taran Jordan…or being thought of as Taran Jordan. I thought it was a very cool-sounding name. And it was pretty easy to spell. Once I even attended a writers’ conference, and later took a fiction writing class, as Taran. (Then I felt I’d done something terribly wrong.)

But…the fact is, I am Beth Homicz. And I, too, refuse to be afraid. No longer will I hide so much of who I am, or how I think, from the people who know me. They’re good people. They can handle it. They deserve the truth. They might even jump on board.

I’m leaving this old TFO site up so that past links will still work. I won’t be posting here any longer. But you are welcome to drop by Keeps Dropping Keys for (hopefully!) a little of the old outlaw fun and style!

I’ve also imported all of the TFO posts (going back to late 2004) into the new KDK blog, attributed to me as Beth, rather than Taran. I do apologize if any of you feel that I’ve deceived you along the way.

Keeps Dropping Keys is going to be about free spirits throwing open the door to all the cages we possibly can. Freeing the spirit, the body, the mind. In a way, it’ll be like the weekly guest-editor selections I used to make over at Strike the Root: a practical, positive approach to a life of greater freedom and joy. I’ll be posting there at least a couple of times a week.

Readers, freedom friends, I warmly invite you to come on by and visit! I would very much enjoy reconnecting and hearing what freedom-fun you have been up to lately.


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Swan song, I suppose

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