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Nominated – wow!

Whoa. I just got a cardiac rush when I cruised over to Strike the Root this morning and saw that I’ve been nominated for the Guest Editor of the Year award! 😀

First of all, if it was one of you regular readers who put me up for the award, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Second, I’m not the campaigning type. And the other nominee, “Chemical Ali” Massoud, is one heckuva guy from what I’ve seen. So truth be told, I’m rooting for both of us. But…

It sure would be a blast to win this one. If you’re not utterly and totally against the voting thing, please consider heading over there in the next day or so to vote. (For me, if you’re so inclined!) 😉

Most of all, though, many thanks, for all your support and encouragement this year. Bright, blessed holidays to all. (I can say that without being too politically correct because I personally like to celebrate Yule and Christmas both. Heheheh.)


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