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I keep wanting very much to log in here and write a vast, beautiful, memorable paean to the spirit of freedom and outlawry. But somehow it just doesn’t get done. 😉

There’s a very broad spectrum of ideas wafting lately through my brain, and somehow they’re all connected. But it’s all SO broad that I haven’t found the common threads quite yet. It all has to do with breaking through to freedom in every aspect of one’s life – physical, spiritual, political, emotional, intellectual – and how often it seems that people choose only one of these domains to express a passion and need for freedom. And even the expression often manifests in mere lip service, not action.

One thing I did want to post, though, is a link I included in today’s edition of Strike the Root. It’s a statue entitled “Self Made Man,” by Colorado sculptress Bobbie Carlyle. A magnificent male figure chisels his own image out of the stone. Click on the “Self Made Man” link in the page’s left-hand menu to see a front view. Fricking awesome. Ayn Rand would have fallen in love with this statue.

I think I’ll keep looking at him once or twice a day as I continue to sift through the many concepts that want to be brought together. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder what would be possible if a lot more people decided to strive for – and insist on – freedom of every kind, consistently and firmly. I think this statue holds an answer.


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