Happy 2008, baby!

January 2, 2008 at 5:26 pm Leave a comment

In many ways this new year looks to be a scarifying time.  I won’t even bother to enumerate the litany of troubles – if you’re a reader here, you’re plenty well aware.  Yet I do have hope as the baby new year sets in.

Say what you will about the validity of participating in the political process – you must speak from where you are.  What gives me hope and joy is to see so many thousands of people speaking and acting from where they are – awakening to freedom, both lost and recoverable – and taking principled, richly creative, motivated, joyful individual action to bring it about.

People, so many people come alive as never before, using their resources and talents on behalf of a good and humble man called Ron Paul, simply because they have seen him expounding the ideas at which they themselves have begun to arrive.  Simply because being in Washington for twenty years did not “change him.”  Simply because he stands for something – something they perhaps had forgotten how much they loved.

The U.S. will not suddenly become a perfect (or perfectly moral) place should Dr. Paul be elected.  But over time, it will likely be better than what we know now.  Someone is going to be elected (or possibly remain in the office of) president.  That someone is going to have an impact on most every human life in this country – and many others around the globe.  Whether or not you think voting is an acceptable act, would you complain at the demise of the terroristic IRS?  Could you honestly denigrate the ending of American involvement in hostilities around the world, and the beginnings of a foreign policy of peace and freedom?

And if he’s not elected, I kinda doubt that his many riled-up supporters will go quietly or promptly into the night.  Perhaps the “movement” will morph into a non-political or semi-political form.  Perhaps that would even be something the non-voting anarchists could get behind.  (I mean this kindly.  After the 2004 election, I too had planned never to vote again.)

The greatest thing about the Ron Paul R3VOLution might simply be the wonderful sense that, as freedom seekers, we’re a lot less alone and alienated than we thought.  Maybe human brotherhood – of an individually, freely chosen sort, of course – isn’t such a drippy concept after all.

Hey, it’s 2008.  Anything’s possible.


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