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Chickens and eggs

Sunni Maravillosa left a provocative comment on a recent post of mine, to wit:

I’ve been thinking about this post a lot for days now, especially the excerpt from the essay about Dr. Young. I’m no kind of medical expert, but common sense leads me to be suspicious. If acid is so bad for our bodies, why do we have it in our stomachs, where it is essential for proper digestion? Why is vitamin C — also known as ascorbic acid — an essential nutrient? Amino acids and essential fatty acids are also crucial to health. Knowing all this, I have a hard time with Young’s theory — particularly the statement that “cancer is our tissues molding”. That makes no sense from just a logical standpoint.

I think the issue of cause and effect with respect to “acidification” and death is also confused. As a body’s systems begin to fail when death is imminent, wastes and toxins begin to accumulate. Thus, I think “acidification” is a result of organ failure and imminent death, not a cause of death itself.

In saying these things, I’m not defending the medical mainstream: there are plenty of things about it that are very messed up. But that seems to be equally true of some alternative medicines … particularly ones that claim to be a sure cure for just about everything.

And you know me – I had enough to say in reply that a comment just wouldn’t hold it all. (Literally. I couldn’t get it to post after four attempts – maybe it really was too much text for one comment.) So, Sunni, here’s the best response I have time to give you today… (more…)


February 25, 2007 at 1:19 pm 1 comment

Another Atlas shrugging…

You wouldn’t normally think of State Farm Insurance as freedom outlaws. But in the face of what Mike Shedlock calls “failed Soviet command economics” in Mississippi, the insurer has chosen to do a rather Outlawish thing – in the sense of putting oneself outside the laws “they” want to force upon us:

State Farm, Mississippi’s largest homeowner insurer, said Wednesday it has had enough of the “untenable” legal and political climate in the state and is suspending writing new homeowners and commercial policies. The company said the suspension would begin Friday and continue until the business climate in the state is more palatable.

And bravo to ’em.

February 25, 2007 at 12:18 pm 3 comments

Crazy times

Just wanted to put out an apology for the dearth of posts lately.  Between a crippled internet connection, the illness and passing of Thunder’s stepmother, and major demands from my daytime occupation, I just haven’t managed to write anything for the past few weeks.  I’ll remedy that as soon as I can, though.  😦

February 25, 2007 at 12:10 pm 1 comment

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