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The Mogambo as Wacked-Out Agitator

Okay, so what else is new?

But this week’s is a particularly good, long, savorable and funny Mogambo rant. And I like Mogambo (Richard Daughty) because he’s a clearheaded, fearlessly Outlawish investment analyst.

A taste:
****Mogambo sez: If I was ever bullish on gold and silver and oil, then those are the “good old days” when I was not hyperactive, because I am now so addled with anger that I am leaning out of the windows, throwing rocks at people to get their damned attention and yelling that everyone should be buying some of all of them, but they are ignoring me, and that makes me even MORE bullish, because I know that the longer they wait to get their nasty little butts in gear, the bigger will be the rush when they wake up out of whatever catatonic stupor they are in, and try to get in on the gold rush, and the silver rush, and the oil rush after the trains have left the station. Idiots!

Link in post title.


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It’s all in YOUR head

Oh, my, this (link in post title) is a delight of richness for us of the Outlaw mindset. Wally Conger quotes James Leroy Wilson and the pair of Skye d’Aureous and Natalee Hall.

A few tidbits:

from Wilson:
“[I]t does no good to think, ‘If we got rid of the State, then I’ll be happy.’ Or even, ‘If they just cut government to 10% and limited the federal government to its Constitutional functions, then I’ll be happy.’ The external reality — the decisions of other people — can’t ever make a person genuinely happy. One who ties their enjoyment of life to the political situation will never really be free, because true freedom is in the mind.”

from d’Aureous and Hall:

  1. An overall decrease in freedom for the general population does not necessarily mean a decrease in freedom for you unless your actions are essentially the same as those of the general population.
  2. A rational person is only interested in freedom he can obtain in his own time.
  3. Your present condition of freedom is probably far from optimum for your most desired range of actions and for your present resources. Your approach to this optimum must be discovered by careful planning and investigation. You do not have automatic knowledge of this subject, and living your life like the general populace will get you what they get. (emphasis added)

Great reading for a Sunday – sigh of happiness…and thanks to Junker over at The Claire Files for bringing it to my attention.

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