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Looking for Claire Wolfe online?

A substantial number of visitors have visited this blog in recent days from keyword searches seeking information on, and Claire’s associated blog Wolfesblog, which went offline suddenly a few days ago.

Apparently, Claire’s web hosting account was due to expire, and she chose not to renew it. Unfortunately for us readers and fans, we didn’t see this change coming. If you caught her blog between September 17 and about September 26 when her site went down, you know that she had already chosen to cease writing it. But I didn’t realize that the whole site was going bye-bye, at least not so soon.

If you’re one of the good folks wondering where to find Claire’s past work online, however, there is a solution – well, actually several solutions…

Bill St. Clair has created a mirror site for as it was on September 26, 2007. Thank you, Bill, for doing this in such a thoughtful and timely fashion. (Bill’s also got an excellent roster of freedom sites mirrored at his url, and his blog End the War on Freedom is a good daily freedom news and commentary clearinghouse.)

Bill has also had a mirror of Claire’s early website, Wolfe’s Lodge, for quite some time now.

Debra Ricketts’s site still exists, too, last updated in July 2007.

And Claire’s archive of Hardyville stories and other articles can be found at the wonderful Backwoods Home Magazine.

Finally, Paladin Press, who agreed to act as Claire’s book publisher after the sad demise of Loompanics, continues to offer several of Claire’s books in their online catalog, although her name doesn’t appear in their author list. has some as well. And Out of the Gray Zone by Claire with Aaron Zelman is apparently still available as well.


September 30, 2007 at 10:18 am 1 comment

Karen Kwiatkowski, Freedom Outlaw

Wow. I’ve never seen such fired-up talk from the passionate Karen Kwiatkowski before – but she is on a roll today at

It’s over. The faithful and the hopeful may carry the corpse of the American republic, hoping that it can be brought back into normality, into life, and into power. I am afraid these nurturers will not survive the present reality of imperialism.

But some of us will look directly at the ugly, dangerous and very real empire. We will stare – with little hope but also with little fear – into the face of the FUBAR nation, and then roll up our sleeves and get started on the only life we may honestly live, as internal dissidents. We will no longer pledge allegiance, we will not obey old rules, we will make do and make it up as we go along. Our minds focused on surviving the empire, our talents and creativity unleashed against the state and its fantasist faithful, we will live as if we are free[…]

We face a modern American state more overweening and dictatorial than even King George III could imagine, yet we have no declaration of independence, no privileged elite to demand it, no interested population to read and debate it. This time, our declaration will be made individually, every day, in calm desperate fearlessness, as we simply live free.

The whole piece is so damned inspiring from the standpoint of living free while one lives. This column is so well phrased, so vibrant, so needed and so true, that I want to jump up and shout “YESSSS!!!”

Warm welcome to the Outlaw fold, Ms. Kwiatkowski (USAF Col, Ret.). Now, about that little matter of a government pension…

September 29, 2007 at 12:57 pm 1 comment

Enjoy your freedom, friend Claire Wolfe

After so many years of unique and eminently worthy contributions to the cause of freedom online, Claire Wolfe has closed her blog, shuttered the fictional and feisty town of Hardyville, and decided to wander down some new and different non-netly paths, as yet unspecified and unplanned.

In short, she’s walking off the edge of the cliff, trusting that she’ll sprout wings just when she needs them. She’s off to play the inner game.

And like so many freedom lovers she’s touched over the years, I’m going to miss her terribly.

Her inimitably Outlawish, twinkling, can-do, yet hard-hitting writing style. Her lovable, laughable, Hardy curmudgeons populating (and hotly defending) the last outpost of freedom, somewhere among the tumbleweeds. Her dear doggy devotions, and her determination in disseminating data of dastardly deeds done by dignitaries and desk-jockeys.

But more than anything else, what I’ll miss is the friendship and goodwill she extended.

It was over three years ago now that I arrived on The Claire Files, her discussion forum, as a longtime reader and (I admit!) starry-eyed fan, landed at last in a place I could feel was a home to me. I’ll always remember happily how welcoming Claire was to this newbie, how glad to talk with me as an equal, how encouraging of small personal efforts at self-sufficiency or independent thinking. She noticed what people were doing. She commented. She offered support and humor. She cared, truly and obviously, about the individuals who came into her corner of the world.

She never wanted to think of herself as the Famous Author, and perhaps she was as wise as she is humble. Most people may never know her name. But to a small and stalwart crowd, she will always be the Third Assistant Demi-Goddess of Freedom. As much as free people would ever want such a thing. But the point is that the free people who are attracted to Claire’s sense of life find a wonderful irony in bestowing such a title upon one of our heroines. It might be, along with an occasional, long-saved-up-for, excited purchase of one of her books, the most we can offer her. But it’s heartfelt, with warm appreciation and gratitude. And Claire herself knew this.

It’s very difficult to imagine the internet without new work by Claire Wolfe. I admit that I’m panting with curiosity to hear more about her thoughts on the spiritual aspects of freedom. Maybe she’ll share, maybe not – I respect either choice. Maybe this is the ideal chance to be pursuing similar thoughts on my own for now, whether or not we end up comparing notes later. Maybe this is the next move in the bigger game of living free. I happen to think that it is.

The best tribute I can offer to you, Claire, as you stride off whistling into the new worlds you’re bent on discovering, is that I’ve always felt you to be a true friend. A friend of freedom, without question. But even more wonderfully, and rarely, I’ve always felt you to be a friend to me and to the other good folks – the individuals – who happened into your sphere, you kind and decent and loving soul. It’s easy, somehow, to picture you around the campfire with Thunder and me, sharing a good toke and some good brew, laughing hysterically at the craziness of life. It’s equally easy to imagine you comforting one of us through a hard time, or organizing a potluck for some friend in need. You see, you’ve always been there for people.

And so, as much as we’ll miss your daily manna that has fed us for so long, I’m deeply glad that you’re bent on being there – anywhere – everywhere – for your own self. The best of adventures to you, lady! May your days be magnificent, memorable and many!

We shall miss you. Don’t forget to write. πŸ˜‰

September 22, 2007 at 10:03 pm 7 comments

Boy, flounce off and your blog stats skyrocket…

I see that quite a few folks have stopped by here since I posted, yesterday, on the former Claire Files Forums (now The Mental Militia Forums) that I wouldn’t be spending time there anymore.

In fact, my stats for yesterday were over twice their normal day’s levels! Sheesh. Bad news travels fast, huh? I appreciate the interest, though.

Kinda makes me wonder what all these visitors were expecting to find here. A rant, or self-justification, or an explanation, or what? Since there’s only been a couple of new comments on old posts, it apparently wasn’t people coming by to wish me well.

I dunno. I don’t feel like I fit in anywhere on the net anymore. Guess I’m in a transition phase. I know there are good people out there, and a few have become friends. I’d like to create more good, lasting friendships with people for whom freedom is the biggest and greatest thing there is.

I have no wish to bash anyone. I’m tired of being bashed, and erroneously at that. I’m tired of the endless arguments and nitpicking and eye-for-an-eye, I’m-right-you’re-wrong-AND-an-idiot, he/she/they-started-it games. I’m tired of disrespect for the good, the decent, and the right, in people and in ideas.

What I want to find is civility, optimism, friendliness, real and intriguing discussion, and people who know – and live it – that freedom is a thing of the deepest spirit, made manifest in mind and matter. A love of life and all that’s possible in it. A wondrous outlook, a joyful attitude, a loving and generous and openminded approach to others.

I want magnificence, benevolence, excitement, and shining eyes. I want to be happy and to have happy people around me. I want endless discovery and growth of understanding, the kind of understanding that makes you gasp with the awesome, delectable implications.

Anyone know where on the internet to find all that?

Nah, I didn’t think so. Time to get back to writing my novel, I guess.

September 18, 2007 at 1:00 pm 10 comments

I got quoted on Wikipedia!!!

Holy schmoly! Wowsers! W00t!

Couldn’t believe it when I saw that the “Galt’s Gulch/Gulching” page on Wikipedia had referred a visitor or two here to The Freedom Outlaw recently. So, natcherly, no more could I resist clicking over to see what’s being said on the topic.

I gathered that there was previously a stand-alone entry about “Galt’s Gulch” that was later “de-wikified” and redirected to the more inclusive “Gulching” article. Here’s how they quoted me on the topic:

Writer Taran Jordan describes a gulch as “a place where one stores needed supplies to last a certain length of time, until one has arranged to produce as many of those supplies as possible once that initial time runs out, [where] one has made contacts with other likeminded folks to band together in the interests of future production, trade, and the defense of the produce, its means of production, and its producers, [and where] one can enjoy the fruits of one’s labor, and life at the pace of nature, free from those who do not choose this way of life.”

(Citation is from my blog entry, “The gulcher’s thought process.”)

Better yet by far, Claire Wolfe‘s work makes up the greater part of the article. Way to go, Claire!

Wikipedia is just such a great example of free-will cooperation, collaboration, and the power of voluntary efforts to create something immensely useful, not to mention truly “fair and balanced.” I’m deeply honored – not to say thrilled! – to have been quoted.

Warmest thanks to Scott Burley and to MarSch, whoever you two are, for the inclusion. πŸ˜€

September 10, 2007 at 9:50 pm 2 comments

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