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And more good news!

I’ve just accepted an offer from Rob, editor of Strike the Root, to be the regular Friday guest editor.  🙂  Thanks, Rob, for the confidence in me.  And I hope y’all will come over and visit me there on Fridays starting this week.


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I haven’t had much to say lately. And not much time to say it, even if I had. Three weeks of business trips since my last post – but that’s no excuse. So I’ll shut up about that.

Now Thunder has got a sale contract on the house (hooray!), and we’ll be moving in a few weeks. After a year and a half of doing what we could to fix up the place, we felt it was time to put it on the market, take the money, and run – before the market turns too far down. It’s already becoming a buyer’s market in our area. He didn’t get full price on the deal, but he’ll still walk away having more or less doubled his money, since we did the renovations on a shoestring.

Call us oddballs, but we’ve decided to become full-time RVers for the time being. People already think Thunder is nuts for selling the house now, when “housing prices always keep going up!” and “why rent when you can own?” and “the interest is a tax deduction!” Well, first of all, the low price he paid for this place means there wasn’t enough annual interest to beat the standard deduction anyway. And second, he wants to get rid of all possible debt – including the mortgage.

What’s wrong about paying off the car and the house, and buying a nice used RV for cash, and paying just a few hundred a month for a utility hookup and parking space? What’s wrong with winnowing one’s possessions down to what fits in the trailer’s minimal closets, and a few long-term treasures in a storage unit? To us, there’s nothing wrong and everything right about it! Especially now.

And we find ourselves getting truly excited about this new adventure! Boy, that’s a feeling we’d forgotten! The pleasure of using our ingenuity, hard-earned resources, and planning know-how to make life what it will be for us. Because we say so, because we choose it, because we want it and we know it’s best for us right now.

It’s a double adventure for me, because I’m also leaving behind the work I’ve done for a long time now, and going back to school full-time for a while. To gain a more “practical” skill than “people skills” (ook, I hate that term and concept, and I hate when people call me “bubbly”), one that’s portable and in demand. And what a cool deal – Thunder’s repaying my efforts in the house renovations by covering the cost of my tuition and books.

So the next few months for me will be focused on studying, and working on my writing in free time, mostly on weekends probably. I really hope to be able to make ends meet without an outside job, and I think I can do it, considering that I won’t need to be paying for things like dry cleaning and pantyhose anymore! Woohoo! I won’t even need to wear makeup every day if I don’t want to! A few t-shirts, jeans and sneakers shall constitute my entire wardrobe, a fact that brings much rejoicing! 😉

And in a small way I do feel Outlawish about all this. Not because of anything illegal. But because of the way we’re moving outside, or beyond, unwritten laws – “the way everybody does things.” I like it out here. I like it a lot – because it IS freedom.

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