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To Your Health!

Better health – such a standard, overused New Year’s resolution! But that must be because it’s so necessary, and so difficult to do.

So for this wonderful, just-begun New Year, the Year of Freedom in my personal book, I’m going to start off talking about health.

Might sound a very strange topic for a blog about Freedom Outlaws. And yet…it’s a very important one.

Myself, I’ve been needing to lose weight and get consistent exercise for years. And every New Year’s I say I’ll really do it this time. To be fair, I always accomplish something, but never as much as I know I should – and then I usually slide backwards too.

But in 2004, I came to understand how vital good health and physical condition will be to those of us in the freedom movement. We need our energy and stamina. We need to be able to walk miles and run them too. Need to be able to climb, and dodge, and carry burdens. And we need to be in condition to save ourselves and our loved ones, should the need arise.

We empower ourselves with confidence and the can-do spirit, as well as new physical abilities, when we achieve the state of health that allows us to be at the ready, raring to go. Exercise (so good for you, yet so easy to put off, I know!) has been shown many times over to contribute to better mood and more positive outlook on life, even to combat serious depression.

And therein lies the other vital aspect of health for an Outlaw – a sound mind, in this sound Outlaw body we’re building (ooh, doesn’t that sound like a winner!).

The best thing an Outlaw-in-training can do, in my very humble opinion, is to cultivate and maintain a truly openminded, joyful, loving attitude toward life and living beings.

Many medical and other health professionals are openly acknowledging the undeniable link between good health and positive attitude. When we are motivated by love for something, whether it be freedom or life or our beloved’s well-being, we find amazing reserves of energy and desire and passion that keep us going far longer than we could under different circumstances.

Powers and insights that elude us when we feel angry or guilty or hateful, shimmer with beauty and wisdom and clarity when we choose to release these toxic emotions, and to look upon the situation with calm, loving eyes.

This doesn’t mean we give up despising evil, or feeling anger at injustice. It means that we remember to turn these reactions around, and to be moved by the love of the good, and the peace of justice, in our actions and encounters.

It means that we choose consciously what will be allowed to inhabit our minds and hearts. It means that we take the heavy, poisonous lead of these nonproductive reactions that we all have, and use our own alchemy to render them bright and shining and worth something in our world.

This isn’t mere New Age goofiness. Anger and depression have been linked to cancer. And did you know that a study was done on the saliva of a man in a rage at the time? The saliva was found to contain many of the same compounds as snake venom. When the researchers injected this saliva into several small animals, each of them died. (Hal Huggins, DDS, MS, The Price of Root Canals, privately published, available through Dr. Huggins’s office, (719) 522-0566. Quoted in Richard Anderson, ND, NMD, Cleanse and Purify Thyself, Book 2: 2000, Christobe Publishing, Mt. Shasta, CA.)

Can you imagine, then, what frequent rages might do to our own health?

We always have the option to choose our response to any situation. And oftentimes the first, nonthinking reaction is anger or guilt or hatred or the desire for retaliation.

But an Outlaw is not the type to be filled with, or driven by, such emotions. You can’t be an angry human being and still retain the kind of gallantry we Outlaws need to keep going through hostile country. An Outlaw has something better and brighter in mind, and he’s damned if he’ll let anyone or anything sway him from that vision and intention.

And if someone tries it – well, our Outlaw’ll get a little extra strength training while teaching the fool a lesson. But he’ll do it because he loves his life and freedom, and will fight proudly to protect them – not because he hates the idiot who tried to take them away.

So, as I begin my own health plan for 2005 – drinking the eight glasses of water or more per day, exercising daily, and using a detoxification diet and herbal program (check it out at and! – it was created by Dr. Richard Anderson, mentioned above, and it truly does offer greater health and joy and energy – and no, I don’t get paid to say that)…

I also drink to your health for the New Year! May we all find even greater freedom in 2005, including the freedom to be as active and joyful as we’ve always wanted to be.


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