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Small steps do get you somewhere

Late each year, before I dare tackle the thought of next year’s resolutions, I’ve made it a tradition to write down everything I want to commend myself for from the past twelve months. A list in black and white of accomplishments. Evidence that I did at least try to make good on some of last year’s resolutions. And a report card on how much adventure and learning I’m including in my life.

Time to do it yet again. And this year, it’s going to be much different than in any year past.

Sometimes I feel useless around the freedom forums, like I have nothing practical or useful or constructive to offer. When I first noticed that feeling, I made sure to try some new endeavors to make up for it – prevent it from remaining true, even if it was the case for now.

2003 was a year of upheaval for me, but in 2004, I’ve come a long way on the path to where I’m meant to be. For instance:

Found a fantastic, passionate, honest, intelligent, funny gulching buddy, liberty friend, lover and partner in Thunder
Learned to use a handgun (revolver and semi-auto) somewhat accurately, and purchased my first one, SSN-free
Chose not to apply for a concealed handgun permit for reasons of principle
Continued to work occasionally in a “licensed” profession on an expired license
Found, joined, and participated in the wonderful forums at TCFand I4L
Made excellent freedom friends in Bobaloo and Mrs. Bobaloo, Junker, Caveman, Unstructured, Putrimalu/Tim, and others
Connected on a personal level with one of my writing heroines, Claire Wolfe – and got a personally signed copy of her latest book from Thunder as a birthday gift!
Read two dozen or more new liberty/gulching/survival/underground type books, with several more still awaiting on the shelf
Learned basic knitting
Learned basic plumbing
Learned the basics of Dreamweaver web design software
Continued learning etching/intaglio printmaking (these last 4 as possible gulching income sources in addition to useful knowledge)
Put together a bugout bag
Stored two months’ worth of food and a week’s worth of water so far in my small apartment
Stored six months’ worth of supplies like toilet paper, toothpaste, dental floss, OTC meds, bandages, vitamins, light bulbs, etc. for use or trade
Purchased a good hoard of gold and silver coins
Laid in 500 rounds of ammo in the stash
Tried LP activism, left it behind in favor of living free
Learned to sand and refinish wood floors
Collected many new useful bugout/gulching items
Paid down more than half the debt I had one year ago
Found a welcoming place to retreat to, if TSHTF before I have my own land

And, for a little fun in the midst of these serious preparations:

Did research into RV lifestyle and purchase as an option to save money and be prepared
Got my first massage ever
Held a python around my neck
Survived a crash in an inflatable raft on a swollen, rushing creek
Tried a waterslide for the first time

I highly recommend that you try making a list for yourself. When you get those cringing anxieties that tell you “you’re not doing anything real for freedom,” you can take out the list and prove the mean voice wrong. Good self-therapy!

Your list, if you decide to make one, will have lots more on it, I’m sure. Huzzah for you! The most vital thing, the necessary element, is continued, sustained, frequent progress. I was glad once again this year to see evidence of that when I read through my list.

Yes, time is getting shorter before TSHTF – so if you’re making good use of it, you’re way ahead of the game. Keep on keepin’ on, friends. We are so far ahead of the curve on this issue – let’s increase our advantage further in 2005.

And in the end, when the time comes, none of us will be 100% prepared anyway. We’ll muddle through with what we have at that time.

We’re good that way. We’re smart, creative, handy, learn-from-history-and-experience Outlaws.


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To Freedom Activists

I’ve done some time as a freedom activist, in several arenas, and with some wonderful people.

So lately, when I notice articles or forum posts that detail some new gummint abuse, and then whine self-importantly that “no American even blinked when news of this travesty got out,” I have one simple, angry answer.


Lots of us Outlaws did, and are doing, lots more than that. But perhaps not in obvious ways or through noisy, visible political means.

Whatever the latest news story, when we heard about it, some of us renewed – or discovered – our determination to build personal freedom, because that most recent crackdown was the one that finally crossed our line in the sand, made us ready to do whatever it takes to taste real freedom. Some of us crossed that line years ago.

But whatever stage we’re at in our Outlaw development, we’re almost certainly expressing it on the quiet. Living free is not a popular or safe topic these days, and martyrs or stupid we ain’t.

Few writers and journalists today have the vision to grasp the contradiction between America as she once was, and as the Powers That Be have made her. Those who do, likely have yet to break away from the din of modern media long enough to learn that the chirping of crickets they mistake for silence and apathy is really the intense buzzing of many swarms of focused, determined, pissed-off worker bees.

The Libertarian Party, with many good people under its banner, remains after thirty-two years of existence a political joke in the eyes of nearly everyone. Misguided, quaint, Constitution-waving crackpots. (No pun intended.)

And this is, in a way, a good thing. Because we gulch-builders remain camouflaged.

I honor the good work done by freedom activists, the devotion that keeps them coming back for more abuse and heartbreak every election cycle and protest day. My heart goes out to you honest, decent folk. So to you who are still actively working against the system, you dedicated political types: it’s not that no one cares about your hard work. We do – most of us have been where you now are.

Rather, it’s that we’ve understood we can’t fight the massive beast on his turf.

We’re not apathetic; we’re quietly and privately preparing for the real fight.

You’ve all read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. And like Hank Rearden, you might have wished that someone would come to you and sweep you away to a safe, free place like Galt’s Gulch.

My friends in liberty…Gulches exist!

But you will need to find or make yours. You will need to earn your place in it. You “Libertarians” who have government jobs, for instance (unless you’re truly working as a mole and helping freedom in a tangible way), will not be near the top of anyone’s membership list – except the LP’s, because you and your ilk have the means to make big donations.

You will need to make yourself someone worth saving. Which means you must save yourself first. We can’t and won’t do it for you. You’re the one who has to wake up. To take the red pill, as Neo in The Matrix, if you will.

Directive 10-289 has been issued, many times over. The most recent form it took is the National Intelligence Reform Act of 2004. Can you imagine Dagny Taggart sticking around the railroad, instead of throwing the newspaper in Jim’s face and quitting on the spot? Do you really think you’ll accomplish anything in a government run by Wesley Mouches and Floyd Ferrises? We cant and don’t. We’ve quit, as much as each of us can.

When you realize that you, too, are ready to live free, you will find us. We are here. We are leaving breadcrumbs along the trail for you.

We want your kind of passion. We want real ability. But we want it pointed in the right direction. Not fighting against, but fighting for. Not crying “if only they’ll let us!”, but rejoicing “they can’t stop us!”

And for those of you who aren’t with us yet: Thank you, for serving as what the statists see as harmless, ineffective camouflage for the bigger group of freedom fighters. I’m serious. No insult. Maybe this will help keep you going. You’re playing a part in something constructive for freedom, whether you know it or not.

And when you’ve decided not to go that route of activism any longer, but to pursue your own happiness, we are here – at least for some time to come – when you are ready to join us.

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This Outlaw thing

When I think of an Outlaw, I think of one who’s:
Honorable and trustworthy
Prepared to defend himself
A loner, but an attractive personality, and with many friends
Strong, handsome, and clad in a long black cape (okay, I AM a girl, y’know! But girls are Outlaws too.)

If you’re Outlaw material, you know it. You’ve got that special dash of derring-do, that sparkle of courage and fun, that crystal determination to live free and to see that others can do the same.

But notice that second to last line. A LONER, but not without bosom friends. Friends who’ll help the Outlaw achieve his freedom projects. Friends who are just as much Outlaw material as the Outlaw herself.

When I first joined The Claire Files, my initial post asked “Is it time yet?”

Now, those of you who are Claire fans know that “Claire Wolfe time” refers to that point of no return, where we’re in open, utter rebellion against the state. And most of us think that time is on the horizon.

But it occurred to me to wonder why we often ask each other “is it Claire Wolfe time yet?” And I found the answer in a post of Bill St. Clair’s yesterday. He wrote: “If enough people simultaneously decide not to take it any more, however, then active resistance can win. It really won’t require many non-breathing government agents to cause the rest of them to chicken out. ” (Gulching forum, “Why I don’t fly” thread.)

THAT’S why we each want to know if you, and he, and they, and most of us think it’s time yet. Because we can’t fight alone and succeed. Because, for all that we’re loners, we’re also part of the firefly militia (thanks, Junker!) – and we know the value of coordinating with others to accomplish the big goal.

Yes, we can win small battles alone, if we’re that daring or crazy. Look at suijurisfreeman.

But the machine of state is so vast today, and intent upon its purpose, that any battle we win might, at most, distract the beast temporarily, or force him to outflank us.

The beast will always come back for more. Until it has no more energy to move. Until it’s good and dead.

Friends, this is why we’ve got to build community. Because the beast can only get its fix by feeding off OUR life energy. If we, in great numbers, refuse to feed it, it’ll die of starvation.

But timing is everything, and for us to survive, we’ve got to put the damn beast on a hunger strike together, in unison. (We’ll talk more about ways to do that as we go along here.)

And what good is your own freedom, if you’ll have to enjoy it all alone for always? We’re all independent enough to be loners at times – but we’re social critters too. And we can’t do everything alone.

So today, make contact with one fellow or sister freedom fighter you’ve been meaning to meet. Send a PM to someone on a forum board whose posts you’ve enjoyed. Get hold of someone you haven’t talked to in a while, to see how your respective gulch plans are shaping up and how you might help each other out. Start up a gulching business together. Talk about your emergency plans or agree on a meetup location for a cup of coffee and/or a shoot with your new freedom pals. Make friends. Out of that will come the next step.

When things get toughest, people will be the best gift in your life. Think about it. And make sure now that you’ll be there for each other.

December 13, 2004 at 6:04 pm 2 comments


What’s a freedom lover to DO nowadays?

Become an outlaw.

Seriously. There’s no other choice in the “land of the free and the home of the brave” anymore. The only thing that remains true is that freedom requires bravery.

Have you got what it takes?

With a big thanks and hug to Claire Wolfe, whose recent book The Freedom Outlaw’s Handbook inspired the title and subject matter of this blog, I want to welcome you true freedom lovers aboard.

This isn’t a news or current events blog. We don’t have any more time to waste lamenting the thefts of freedom going on daily around us. It’s time to save ourselves and our loved ones from the greedy, chomping, filthy, unstoppable trash compactor they’re sending after us.

December 13, 2004 at 1:46 am 2 comments

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