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Another great rant

This time from Dare2BFree, a piece titled “If You’re Easily Offended, Don’t Read This.”  Awesome.  Just plain raw, wild, real, alive, magnificent.

Take note, if you (you being any of the aforementioned idiots) think you can tell me what I can and can’t say when I am not causing any physical harm to anyone, you better think again. I am not normally a political person since most everything that is related to government either makes me sick to my stomach or gives me a migraine, but I will not be silenced. My opinion and statements are just that, MINE – not anyone else’s. That means that NO ONE else has the right to prohibit me from voicing those opinions and statements. I DARE you to try and take it away from me.

It’s been a long time since I wrote with so much passion.  Dare2BFree, you better keep on bloggin’, girl.  You’re certainly helping to restore my spirit.


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Vicarious ranting!

Hey! There I was the other day griping about how desperately I needed to let a good rant rip. And I still haven’t done it. But my friend Beth has!  Good goin’, girl!  😀

We’re hanging out today and she asked me what I thought of her piece (called “Rethinking the Scientific Approach”) before she posted it. She hasn’t done much blogging, as you’ll see, but I’m trying to encourage her to do more. I had to say,”Wow.” She put into words a lot of my own vague, disjointed thoughts on the effed-upness of the “healthcare” system.

She’s going to massage therapy school and has been learning quite a lot about alternative, holistic approaches to health, which I think fired her up to write her reactions to a couple of articles we’ve seen while surfing the web this weekend. Funny, she’s also mentioned to me how her instructors often hint that the students are becoming part of an underground, a timeless one of sorts, like witches and shamans of old, imparting knowledge to truth-seekers while protecting it from those who would destroy its longstanding worth.

Be sure to check out the two links she added in the block quote about in-hospital infections. Ever heard of “iatrogenic deaths?” They’re deaths caused by the medical establishment itself. The numbers are horrifying. Can you imagine what would happen to a guild of plumbers or electricians or carpenters whose work was this poor (and deadly) this often?

There’s another essay she links to, by James Redfield (author of The Celestine Prophecy), that knocked me for a loop, and I wanted to expand on it here.

When our tissues become overly acidic, this is the condition that all organisms go into just before death, so the microbes inside get the signal that we are dying and go into action to decompose us. The symptoms would begin at the weakest link in our bodies, so it might start with any of the diseases humans get. But in reality there is only the one disease: over acidification that tells the microbes we are ready to die and decompose.

Dr. [Robert O.] Young [author of The pH Miracle] shows that every disease is associated with this process in one way or another, and in this light, such mysteries as auto immune disorders like arthritis, as well as cancer and AIDS, become understandable. Arthritis happens when the immune system disparately tries to get rid of acidic tissues, attacking our own cells. AIDS is a systematic overwhelming of the immune system by microbes flourishing in an acid environment, and cancer is one of the end point diseases. What happens when an organism (an animal or a piece of lettuce left out of the refrigerator) decomposes? It molds. Cancer is our tissues molding!

I wish I could say that this article alone is enough to get me on the “alkaline diet” Beth keeps talking about. (She’s having trouble sticking to it, too, which is a sneaky comfort to yours truly.) It really should be more than enough, especially now as I see several people close to me dealing with this thing called cancer. Fear isn’t always a great motivator, despite common beliefs to the contrary.

But for me, I’m hoping that logical (and probably intuitive, too, in a sense) understanding of the actual processes involved, and my role in them for good or ill, is becoming the needed impetus for improvement.

It’s not easy. I’d like to be able to say from experience that it’s still worth it. That’s only an abstract statement for me as yet. I’ll let y’all know if and when I walk the talk.

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Evil Monkeys and Creative Writing

While blogsurfing this morning – and I apologize but I don’t recall now whose blog had the link – I found this goofy gem: The Evil Monkey Guide to Creative Writing.


Unfettered, uncensored, unapologetically silly imagination! YES!!! Gimme somma dat!

This guy Jeff VanderMeer is totally whack. I love it. 😛

Just the juice I needed. Frankly, my dears, I exhaust myself to no end trying to be so proper, neutral, correct and linear in my writing – fiction and non.

Damnit, it’s a relief to feel like I can have FUN with writing. I’d forgotten that feeling and I have no idea why or how I did so.

On this same train of thinking, and speaking of evil monkeys, I wish I could write like that crazy galoot George Potter does. 😛

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Rant constipation

Damnit. I’m SO in the mood to fire off a passionate, semi-crazed, repetitive, Keith Olbermann-style, hit-’em-in-the-nads-with-the-unanswerable-facts rant today.

(Not used to me talking like that, are ya? I think I need to do it more often. 😛  Whew.)

But it won’t come out! I can’t get it to exit! My brain passages need lubing up! Get the mental laxative STAT!


(And I’ve got to get moving. TCF has a plethora of indie-press book ideas flying around, to which I’ve been invited to contribute. If I don’t come up, or out, with something soon, the resulting mess will NOT be pretty.)

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New year – more to say!

It occurs to me that I’m not finished yet talking about the New Year. Especially when I reconsider the positive, light-bringing blogposts by fellow travelers, to which I referred in yesterday’s post.

Sunni’s train of thought led me to comment thusly:

You’re touching on some beautiful AND powerful ideas here. And they’re all as true as you make them.

A few years back, I had a revelation…that I was, at that time, the person (and better) I’d struggled to dream of being years earlier. I realized then that whatever I choose to imagine now, if I’m faithful to it, is indeed what I’ll become in the future. Dang, it was mind-blowing. Still is.


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Congrats, Ali!

Belatedly, congratulations to “Chemical Ali” Massoud, Strike the Root‘s Guest Editor of 2006!  Nice going, man.  😀

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Getting real

It’s January 3, and I still haven’t posted anything about the New Year. No resolutions, no list of the passing year’s highlights, no sappy strains of hope. (Coming from me, they tend to be sappy. 😉 Coming from others, so far this year, they’ve been intriguing and inspiring.)

Truthfully, I do have two resolutions firmly in mind for 2007: Getting healthy, and getting real.

The healthy part needs no expounding-upon. The getting real part does. At least in my own mind.

Is it just me, or has casual, deliberate dishonesty become de rigueur in recent years? (more…)

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