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January 21, 2007 at 1:47 pm 1 comment

Hey! There I was the other day griping about how desperately I needed to let a good rant rip. And I still haven’t done it. But my friend Beth has!  Good goin’, girl!  😀

We’re hanging out today and she asked me what I thought of her piece (called “Rethinking the Scientific Approach”) before she posted it. She hasn’t done much blogging, as you’ll see, but I’m trying to encourage her to do more. I had to say,”Wow.” She put into words a lot of my own vague, disjointed thoughts on the effed-upness of the “healthcare” system.

She’s going to massage therapy school and has been learning quite a lot about alternative, holistic approaches to health, which I think fired her up to write her reactions to a couple of articles we’ve seen while surfing the web this weekend. Funny, she’s also mentioned to me how her instructors often hint that the students are becoming part of an underground, a timeless one of sorts, like witches and shamans of old, imparting knowledge to truth-seekers while protecting it from those who would destroy its longstanding worth.

Be sure to check out the two links she added in the block quote about in-hospital infections. Ever heard of “iatrogenic deaths?” They’re deaths caused by the medical establishment itself. The numbers are horrifying. Can you imagine what would happen to a guild of plumbers or electricians or carpenters whose work was this poor (and deadly) this often?

There’s another essay she links to, by James Redfield (author of The Celestine Prophecy), that knocked me for a loop, and I wanted to expand on it here.

When our tissues become overly acidic, this is the condition that all organisms go into just before death, so the microbes inside get the signal that we are dying and go into action to decompose us. The symptoms would begin at the weakest link in our bodies, so it might start with any of the diseases humans get. But in reality there is only the one disease: over acidification that tells the microbes we are ready to die and decompose.

Dr. [Robert O.] Young [author of The pH Miracle] shows that every disease is associated with this process in one way or another, and in this light, such mysteries as auto immune disorders like arthritis, as well as cancer and AIDS, become understandable. Arthritis happens when the immune system disparately tries to get rid of acidic tissues, attacking our own cells. AIDS is a systematic overwhelming of the immune system by microbes flourishing in an acid environment, and cancer is one of the end point diseases. What happens when an organism (an animal or a piece of lettuce left out of the refrigerator) decomposes? It molds. Cancer is our tissues molding!

I wish I could say that this article alone is enough to get me on the “alkaline diet” Beth keeps talking about. (She’s having trouble sticking to it, too, which is a sneaky comfort to yours truly.) It really should be more than enough, especially now as I see several people close to me dealing with this thing called cancer. Fear isn’t always a great motivator, despite common beliefs to the contrary.

But for me, I’m hoping that logical (and probably intuitive, too, in a sense) understanding of the actual processes involved, and my role in them for good or ill, is becoming the needed impetus for improvement.

It’s not easy. I’d like to be able to say from experience that it’s still worth it. That’s only an abstract statement for me as yet. I’ll let y’all know if and when I walk the talk.


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  • 1. Sunni  |  February 3, 2007 at 6:23 pm

    I’ve been thinking about this post a lot for days now, especially the excerpt from the essay about Dr. Young. I’m no kind of medical expert, but common sense leads me to be suspicious. If acid is so bad for our bodies, why do we have it in our stomachs, where it is essential for proper digestion? Why is vitamin C — also known as ascorbic acid — an essential nutrient? Amino acids and essential fatty acids are also crucial to health. Knowing all this, I have a hard time with Young’s theory — particularly the statement that “cancer is our tissues molding”. That makes no sense from just a logical standpoint.

    I think the issue of cause and effect with respect to “acidification” and death is also confused. As a body’s systems begin to fail when death is imminent, wastes and toxins begin to accumulate. Thus, I think “acidification” is a result of organ failure and imminent death, not a cause of death itself.

    In saying these things, I’m not defending the medical mainstream: there are plenty of things about it that are very messed up. But that seems to be equally true of some alternative medicines … particularly ones that claim to be a sure cure for just about everything.


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