A tip o’ me hat…

November 19, 2006 at 9:56 am Leave a comment

…to some new and welcomed members of the blogroll! In particular, Dare2BFree’s Restored Spirit, Sunni Maravillosa’s Sunni and the Conspirators (how did I miss listing you sooner???) and Gospazha’s Lunaya Pravda.

Also, David Gross’s The Picket Line, PintofStout’s Murphy’s Bye-Laws, and Joe Plummer’s Stop the Lie are now on the list. Great to have you all here under the Outlaw umbrella.

And a name change to announce: David and Cherie’s New Freedom Blog is now known as Freedom Port: Firefly.

I’ll be adding more in coming weeks, both blogs and site links of interest, that I’ve been collecting for a while now. Y’all come back now…


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Holy Confucius, Batman… Deep reading…

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