Yard sale lessons II – You really do meet all kinds…

August 18, 2006 at 12:01 pm 4 comments

Halfway through the day of our yard sale, a truck and trailer pulled up to the curb, the trailer labeled “Antique Auction” or some such. Thunder pointed it out excitedly to me – “Didn’t you want to sell that antique bureau?” Omigosh! We got so busy with the early birds that I forgot all about bringing it outside! So I ran into the house and wheeled it to the door.

Well, the dealer, a friendly fellow, took a look and made an offer. I dickered, and we settled, and moved the piece into his trailer. And off he went.

Four hours later, the sale over and the leavings packed neatly for charity, I lay down to rest. And then it hit me.

I’d left my pistol and cleaning kit in one of those bureau drawers.

Ulp. I’d put them there temporarily, while organizing things, to pack later in an overnight bag right before the move. And had forgotten to take them out.

And I had no idea how to reach the dealer. Hadn’t even gotten his name.

I interrupted Thunder’s shower to cry on his shoulder. His eyes showed sympathy and worry. But then he remembered the address shown on the trailer. Whew! I scrambled to the Yellow Pages and found what I hoped was the right number. It was 5:40 on a Saturday. Hopefully someone would answer…


“Uh…Boy, I hope I’m calling the right place. Do y’all have a dealer there who goes around to yard sales with a big red truck and white trailer, and a walking stick with a baby’s sneaker attached to its tip?”


“And would you by any chance be he?”

“I would indeed.”

“Oh! Whew! Well, sir, you purchased a bureau from me this afternoon, and I think I left some personal belongings in one of the drawers.”

“Ah. Let me see.” (Pause.) “Nope (chuckle), we didn’t find any pistol or cleaning kit in that bureau.”

“Oh, you did find them! Thank you! Can’t believe I was so careless. I hope they didn’t freak you out, though, sir.”

“Freak me out? Heck, no. I’m a concealed carry permit instructor. I was carrying three handguns myself when I saw you today.”

Whoa. Major relief. “Wow, I LIKE you!” He laughed heartily.

He kindly reassured me that the pistol would be safe with him, that he was unloading it, and that he’d meet me later that evening to return it. Thunder and I met him and his wife at a local seafood joint, and I was happy to buy dinner as a thank-you. The men commiserated with me over my carelessness – it had happened to them along the way, too.

On the way home, Thunder and I pondered the amazing set of coincidences involved in this exchange. Had someone else, someone untraceable, bought that dresser at the yard sale, I’d have been out a nice .45. Had Thunder not noticed and recalled the address on the trailer…had the dealer not been comfortable with firearms and also honest…well, it would not have been a happy ending to the day.

And when the dealer mentioned that he’d been armed that day, I recalled something he’d said that afternoon: that he always dealt in cash. It made more sense now.

So, Mr. Antique Dealer, my hat’s off to you as yet another classy Outlaw among many.


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Belated: Yard sale lessons Intermezzo

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  • 1. morrigan  |  August 22, 2006 at 7:01 am

    It sounds like you were meant to meet and interact with this person, if for no other reason than just to be reminded that folks like that are out there.

  • 2. Taran Jordan  |  August 22, 2006 at 12:26 pm

    I know…that was my conclusion too, although the why is still a puzzle. But I like puzzles…especially serendipitous ones.

  • 3. Cy  |  September 5, 2006 at 8:50 am

    What a fascinating post! There is no substitute for a real story about real people in the real world. As to what is “meant” to happen in this world, I discount all that stuff. But, if you must believe that it was meant, believe that it was meant so that you could write this most interesting post for my minimally-deserving benefit. Cheers. cyquick.wordpress.com

  • 4. Taran Jordan  |  September 7, 2006 at 10:01 pm

    Why, thank you, Cy! Whether “meant” or not, there was learning and serendipity involved, and the fun is to notice them in the moment and thereafter.

    And thank you for dropping by. I find your blog intriguing as well and have just left you a comment there. 🙂


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