Belated: Yard sale lessons

August 18, 2006 at 11:47 am Leave a comment

As you may know, Thunder sold his house just recently. And before moving out, we figured it made sense to declutter and dump a bunch of belongings. (Especially since we’ve just moved out of a 1300-square-foot house into a recreational vehicle and a storage unit!)

Well, neither of us had done the yard sale thing before. Didn’t even have much of a yard to host it in. But we did some asking around and followed what good advice we got. An ad, good signs, clearly marked prices, all that. Got up at five a.m. to be ready by 7:45. and even that wasn’t early enough.

We figured we might pull in a couple hundred bucks, maybe $200 after expenses.

We made over $600. :-O Woohoooooo!!!

Couldn’t believe it. And this was with a dinette set priced at $25, a bedroom suite at $50. Nothing fancy or pricey. We sold an awful lot of small, inexpensive things, probably about half the total.

Some of the day’s surprises:

Shoes sold well. I think I had ten pairs out there at $3 apiece, and sold six. Didn’t expect that.

But hardly anyone looked at the clothes rack, even though sizes there offered more of a range, and there were a few items with the tags still on. Only sold one blouse.

Furniture sold VERY well. Even in only average condition.

Surge strips were a big hit. Sold all three of those.

Framed prints were not a hit at all. I think I only sold one of the dozen or so nice ones I offered.

People asked for some interesting items – military memorabilia, American Indian items, jewelry, old license plates. One man even asked if we had any garden hoses to sell. Thunder said he hadn’t planned to sell it, but he had one. Fifty feet long, five bucks, and the man took it away tied to his motorcycle.

You meet all kinds… 🙂


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