October 24, 2005 at 4:55 pm Leave a comment

Okay, the whole “whoopee – my time is my own and I can revel in unending, rich days of nothing but writing now” thing just hasn’t worked out as I planned. It was doomed from the start, dingbat!

It’s amazing, embarrassing and disgusting how strong the temptation is – and how often I succumb to it – to loll around with an old favorite book and a bag of potato chips, rather than getting to work the way I said I wanted to!

I spent a lot of the summer doing just that, and trying to recover from the very bad lower back/leg pain left over from a car accident this past spring. Three months of twice-weekly visits to the chiropractor did no discernible good. Sometimes my density astonishes me after I finally notice it. So I told him to go take a leap (nicely, as is my wont) and found a modality that’s working: Jin Shin Do acupressure. At last! I am finally able to get real on my vow to exercise! Oh, man, I actually feel BETTER! I got my hips back! Heheheh…

And then, of course, there’s been contract work from the old job popping up more often than expected. Crusty (former) boss #2 calls and expects me to jump, forgetting that I don’t work for him full-time anymore. Problem is, I tend to forget it too. Plus, there’s that little question of finances or the lack thereof. Hoping to avoid any such lack, I jump, if reluctantly.

Anyway, the writing is happening. The story seems to have a life of its own, as well as a timetable by which it reveals itself. I find that if I give it an hour or more per day, the plot elements keep flowing. I don’t even know how it’s happening, but I listen and write them down and flow into that state of “and then what?” and “what if?”

And I really like the new element of suspense and mystery that’s cropped up this week. More on that next time, perhaps.

Oh, and bummer of the week…the industry magazine I just landed a regular column with (third submission due next week) is going to be outsourced to a production company. No idea whether they’ll be interested in keeping me on, because they haven’t even been selected yet. Grf.


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