Small steps do get you somewhere

December 19, 2004 at 7:24 pm 1 comment

Late each year, before I dare tackle the thought of next year’s resolutions, I’ve made it a tradition to write down everything I want to commend myself for from the past twelve months. A list in black and white of accomplishments. Evidence that I did at least try to make good on some of last year’s resolutions. And a report card on how much adventure and learning I’m including in my life.

Time to do it yet again. And this year, it’s going to be much different than in any year past.

Sometimes I feel useless around the freedom forums, like I have nothing practical or useful or constructive to offer. When I first noticed that feeling, I made sure to try some new endeavors to make up for it – prevent it from remaining true, even if it was the case for now.

2003 was a year of upheaval for me, but in 2004, I’ve come a long way on the path to where I’m meant to be. For instance:

Found a fantastic, passionate, honest, intelligent, funny gulching buddy, liberty friend, lover and partner in Thunder
Learned to use a handgun (revolver and semi-auto) somewhat accurately, and purchased my first one, SSN-free
Chose not to apply for a concealed handgun permit for reasons of principle
Continued to work occasionally in a “licensed” profession on an expired license
Found, joined, and participated in the wonderful forums at TCFand I4L
Made excellent freedom friends in Bobaloo and Mrs. Bobaloo, Junker, Caveman, Unstructured, Putrimalu/Tim, and others
Connected on a personal level with one of my writing heroines, Claire Wolfe – and got a personally signed copy of her latest book from Thunder as a birthday gift!
Read two dozen or more new liberty/gulching/survival/underground type books, with several more still awaiting on the shelf
Learned basic knitting
Learned basic plumbing
Learned the basics of Dreamweaver web design software
Continued learning etching/intaglio printmaking (these last 4 as possible gulching income sources in addition to useful knowledge)
Put together a bugout bag
Stored two months’ worth of food and a week’s worth of water so far in my small apartment
Stored six months’ worth of supplies like toilet paper, toothpaste, dental floss, OTC meds, bandages, vitamins, light bulbs, etc. for use or trade
Purchased a good hoard of gold and silver coins
Laid in 500 rounds of ammo in the stash
Tried LP activism, left it behind in favor of living free
Learned to sand and refinish wood floors
Collected many new useful bugout/gulching items
Paid down more than half the debt I had one year ago
Found a welcoming place to retreat to, if TSHTF before I have my own land

And, for a little fun in the midst of these serious preparations:

Did research into RV lifestyle and purchase as an option to save money and be prepared
Got my first massage ever
Held a python around my neck
Survived a crash in an inflatable raft on a swollen, rushing creek
Tried a waterslide for the first time

I highly recommend that you try making a list for yourself. When you get those cringing anxieties that tell you “you’re not doing anything real for freedom,” you can take out the list and prove the mean voice wrong. Good self-therapy!

Your list, if you decide to make one, will have lots more on it, I’m sure. Huzzah for you! The most vital thing, the necessary element, is continued, sustained, frequent progress. I was glad once again this year to see evidence of that when I read through my list.

Yes, time is getting shorter before TSHTF – so if you’re making good use of it, you’re way ahead of the game. Keep on keepin’ on, friends. We are so far ahead of the curve on this issue – let’s increase our advantage further in 2005.

And in the end, when the time comes, none of us will be 100% prepared anyway. We’ll muddle through with what we have at that time.

We’re good that way. We’re smart, creative, handy, learn-from-history-and-experience Outlaws.


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To Freedom Activists To Your Health!

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  • 1. ghetto puppet  |  January 2, 2005 at 12:13 am

    hey, lightning – it sounds like you had a pretty good year, freedomwise. you’re way ahead of a lot of us in that sense!

    i can related to the “useless” feelings. but you’ve certainly overcome that in spades and are an inspiration to us all!


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